Rear sprocket noise

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It is a new bike, so going back to the shop sometime soon to get sorted
however for the sake of wanting to know myself for future reference

the rear shifting was ultra quiet now after a few miles

all quiet on the 11 12 13 cogs then 14 and 15 , noise as tho it wants to either change up or down again.... enough to be slightly annoying, then another shift and all quiet again.
the front dérailleur is not fouling.

It is just weird that noise appears on just a couple of gears tho'
Ultegra btw


  • richie m
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    Sounds like a simple rear mech indexing adjustment could be needed here. Very easy to do.
    ...Just riding along...............
  • Sound like the cables have 'slackened' a little, which is normal on a new bike or newly cabled bike.

    Before you go through the indexing process, there maybe a quick way of calibrating the indexing. Just give the adjusting barrel on the Ultegra rear derailer (right next to the adjustment screws) a quarter turn anti clockwise see if it helps.

    If it doesn't help, you can always quarter turn it back.

    BTW - If you do decide to re index, this is worth watching first.
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    This is weird. There's 3 threads on here at the moment about gears skipping, but only in the middle of the cassette. Must be some unusual alignment of the planets.
  • jgsi
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    It's all to do with Mercury arising....
    cheers for the tips... as it's new , I shall pester the shop as is my birthright