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Steering tight

spaniamaniaspaniamania Posts: 80
edited March 2010 in Workshop
I recently adjusted the Bars and Stem on my Jake.
On the last couple of rides the steering has felt twitchy.
On inspection it feels tight to turn the handlebars.
(feels like a lot of friction and notches)
Have I overtightened the Stem Bolt or is the Headset about to be replaced?
I dont want to slaken off the stem bolt in fear of it coming loose again.


  • keef66keef66 Posts: 13,123
    You could have preloaded the headset too much or the bearings themselves may be knackered. Really need to take it to bits to examine the bearings.

    Have a look on Park Tools website for instructions on headset adjustment.

    When you're assembling the thing you should install the stem with the necessary spacers above / below so that the top of the steerer tube is 3mm or so below the top spacer. Then fit the top cap, and tighten it gently until it takes any play out of the bearings but the fork still rotates freely. That's all the top cap does; preloads the bearings. No massive force required.

    Only then should you tighten the stem clamp bolts so it grips the steerer securely (making sure it's pointing the same way as the front wheel!)

    At this point you could unscrew and remove the top cap if you wanted; it is serving no mechanical purpose. It does stop rain falling down the steerer tube though, and a bike without one looks a bit odd.
  • reba6768reba6768 Posts: 1,030
    as well as above, have you got a little slack in your cable routing. If it's running too tight it may be restricting the amount of turn you get on the bars - sometimes can feel like a stiff headset.
  • Hi Thanks
    New headset fitted.
    Twenty five quid lighter
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