christ im unfit!

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i used to ride between 50 and 70 miles a week. average ride of 10-20 miles, nothing big. i did so for a good six months until injured my knee and kind of lost the interest. that was roughly a year ago

just went on the road bike again, after 2.6 miles im spent! i've been coughing my guts up for the last 20 minutes since i got home! i cant even face eating any food.


  • Bobbinogs
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    Yeah, I bet it was a great feeling to be back on a bike though :)
  • balthazar
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    At least gains will come fast; each ride, you'll feel a hundred times better than the last. It's when you're fit, and start to plateau, that you can get really despondent... that hasn't happened to me for a while (about fifteen years) though.
  • Dazza2280
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    did you go out and just start hammering it from the word go? cos after a while off the bike, that would knacker you. take it easy next time you go out for half an hour, then give it some, you'll prob find you're not too unfit. maybe :wink:
  • paul.k
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    i am in the same boat as you started again after 4 month lay off due to knee injury ,take it steady and dont blow your knee out . try to gain fitness and not cimb to many big hills
    and most of all enjoy being back out on the bike again.
  • Mothyman
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    you're in the nice position of seeing your improvement with every few will soon be posting your successes on the forum...keep it up!
  • Bunneh
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    It's just getting through that few hard months of spluttering. I do around 20miles a day now and you notice the improvement more and more. The flats were I averaged around 10mph are now 15-20mph, and uphills aren't as knackering as they once were.
  • im off the bike at the moment due to a wrist problem, and I cant wait to get back on!! Glad to hear you recovered and have found the desire to ride again =)

    When I first started up, there are sections of my commute that used to have me wheezing and gasping for breath, now I dont even drop down a gear and just power through it with a few pumps of the ol' pistons!

    Feels great to conquer a demon =)