This means what......tubeless ready aramid bead??

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So i have heard loads about tubeless and it seems like an option worth considering being a big guy. I get the impression i will be less likely to get pinch flats if i do?

So, i checked out what i have and apparently i'm ready to go tubeless. But i don't really know what this means. What would i need to do to be tubeless and what would it cost? Also is it worth it? I have included below the details from Spesh which suggests i'm halfway there?

Specialized Fast Trak LK Control, 26x2.0", 60TPI, tubeless ready aramid bead

Would appreciate comments on if it worth it and aso if i can do it myself .




  • nicklouse
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    tubeless fold-able tyres.

    so are your rims tubeless ready?
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    nicklouse wrote:
    tubeless fold-able tyres.

    so are your rims tubeless ready?

    I don't think so, details from spesh below. What would i need to do to get them ready - rim tape?

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    Rim tape, but slightly special rim tape is whats required. There needs to be a gas tight seal over all the spoke eyes. Stans tubless conversion kits get good reviews here on Bike Radar. I've used Stans in my tyres for ages now and it's been great (last time I had to put a tube in was a year ago when I sliced an inch long hole through the side wall): ... -kit-22870

    Remember, you still need to take a spare tube with you. But before you fit it check the tyre for thorns there'll probably be loads, all sealed air tight by the Stans ;)
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  • djames77
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    Thanks for the replies.......

    So, how do i go tubeless? Surely if i need to carry a tube with me that would not be tubeless??? Whats the best way, and what's the cheapest way? Two very different things i suspect!
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    You carry a tube with you in case the tyre splits and so no longer holds air. Just like you should carry a spare tube with you now.

    It's tubeless in the sense that there's no tube in the tyre. You could choose to go out without a tube as a back up, just like you could choose to go out without a puncture repair kit and a pump with a normal set up.

    You need a tubeless conversion kit, like this.

    Edit: but the best way to go tubeless would be with tubeless/UST wheels and tyres (you've already got the tyres).

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