Getting Stem for new handlebars!

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I bought some new handlebars on ebay FSA FR331 RISER BARS however my stem the one that came on my specialized hardrock sport 08 is too small so i believe i need to get an oversized one to fit, what size will this be? can anyone reccomend a decent one to buy so to make sure i get the right one!!


  • 31.8mm is oversize.

    Not much difference between stems tbh... just depends how much you've got and wether you're bothered about looks :lol:
  • cheers for that wasnt sure!!
  • Kooka Race came recommended to me by SS, when I needed a decent 25.4 stem for the Modolo Dumbo butterfly bars. I think they do an oversize version too.
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    What sort of budget? Exotic (and the other companies selling the same stems under different names) are really decent, light and cheap. Not very blingy ;) Gusset just started doing an excellent one called the Staff, it's about as light and costs £25-£30, very strong and very nicely made and finished. Or Pro have a couple of really nice options at a sensible price too (Pro is basically Shimano). Truvativ's AKA is a decent all mountainy stem, their Team is a nice XC one available in longer sizes.

    Someone'll be along in a second to tell you to get a Thomson or Hope and "buy cheap buy twice". Tell them to **** off :wink: Both my Truvativ AKA and my Gusset Staff weighed less than either of those, and both together cost less than either one of those ;) And they're strong, I'm not going to say "just as strong" because I can't know that but strong enough, sure.
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