Felt F35 saddle

teamcrane Posts: 64
edited March 2010 in Road buying advice
After reading the bikeradar write up I thought this is the bike for the purpose that I want, ie relaxed geometry set-up for all day non-racing rides and so bought one . On the first ride after about 20 miles, my backside was telling me very loudly that it was not happy. The saddle a Felt 2,2 superlite foam had all the comfort of a brick. After 30 miles and getting home in pain I was in the mood to take the bike back to the LBS. Next day after recovering I measured the saddle and found it to be 135 mm at its widest, luckily I had an old leather Brooks B17 on hand, this measured 170mm at its widest.
Put this on and next day did the same ride plus 10 miles. A much happier backside was the result. Horses for courses? I now love the Felt 35.