Sabbath Silk Road vs PX SL Pro Carbon complete

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At the moment i own a bike which doesnt give me much comfort over long distances , i did not think about it at the time because i was/am a newb and it was an offer i could not miss so i bought it and tried changing components (seatpost,saddle, bartape..) to make it more comfier but the geometry and the material (Alu) is not geared towards comfort . I was looking for a bike that had a more relaxed geo and stumbled across the PX ti sportive but at the time did not have the cash and my size eventually sold out so i moved on and found the Sabbath silk road which they now offer with the special finishing kit (Cane Creek headset, seat clamp, Alpha Q seatpost, Alpha Q CS20 fork and Alpha Q stem.) for 1049 pound on the other hand PX offer the SL Pro Carbon complete builds for less or a little more :? . My heart says Ti but my common sense says complete :roll: . I want something that will last a few years and hold up to my weight (240lbs) that is my biggest concern particularly with the SL Pro Carbon as i have read mixed reviews about this bike/frame ( flex at bb and headtube). I would be very greatfull if somebody could help me towards a decision.

p.s scuse the typos im a johnny foreigner


  • I ride a Silk Road Pro, which has a slighty racier geometry that a straight Silk Road yet has a faboulous ride quality - lively yet silky smooth even over the roughest tamac - so I doubt you'll be disappointed with the Silk Road. I've not ridden a Planet X SL Pro so can't comment. However, there's no denying that a good titanium frame will last a lifetime :)