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Mountain Mayhem 2010

TheHappyClownTheHappyClown Posts: 51
edited June 2010 in XC and Enduro
Has anyone else entered Mountain Mayhem this year? I'm just waiting to hear back that we've got our place but I got the entry form in ASAP so fingers crossed!

This will be my first Mountain Mayhem, and first 24 hour event and I'm really looking forward to it. I've done quite a lot of racing before and am really looking forward to trying something new. Got a good team together consisting of some of the guys I used to ride with when I was at univeristy and am expecting some top quality banter and general good times!

Have many other people signed up for this? As a first timer I've got a few questions and would welcome any advice/tips from people who have done it before. How much kit would you recommend taking? How about food? Is there stuff there, (ie proper meals, I think we'll stock up on energy bars, drinks etc) and is it monterously expensive? I guess I'm just keen to hear about peoples' experiences of previous MMs or similar events.


  • Eskimo427Eskimo427 Posts: 288
    I did this last year and I've just been accepted for this year too, both times as a soloist. The event is very good although I have ridden better courses and would say Relentless 24 at Fort William is an example of that.

    There are lots of stalls there so food and bike parts won't be a problem, these are mostly open for the 24hrs too. There was representatives from various manufactures last year who were very helpful and keen to help out which is always good. The facilities are very good considering your on a campsite, proper toilets and showers make all the difference, especially at daft o'clock in the morning.

    With regards to clothing that will depend on the weather and what your kit is like. Last year I completed 9 laps (on a spicy 316) and I changed my underwear and tops a couple of times but that was it. I used the same trainers through out as the course wasn't too bad although I believe the year before was a night mare. As your in a team I'd change from cycling to casual clothing after each lap and put on dry clothes for every outing. Unlike me you'll need to put in a top performance on each while I just chill and take it all in my stride.

    Depending on what your team is like I'd say just enjoy it and don't take it too seriously, there are the elite teams for that.

    I'll be the guy on a Scott with NorthWave Heart tops on.

    Enjoy the event and good luck.
  • Eskimo427 wrote:
    I just chill and take it all in my stride.

    Unless I am 1 lap ahead, then he turns into Oli Beckingsale, so watch out for a guy on a Scott wearing a Northwave heart jersey screaming "on your right"!

    Mate, roll on June 20!!
  • Kudos for doing it solo guys, that must take some effort! Our team are all pretty fit, but like you say Eskimo, its mainly just about going and having fun, though I want to put in a reasonably respectable preformance.

    I'll be the guy wearing the red Gore top on the white Focus. See you once every four hours!
  • Eskimo427Eskimo427 Posts: 288
    Eskimo427 wrote:
    I just chill and take it all in my stride.

    Unless I am 1 lap ahead, then he turns into Oli Beckingsale, so watch out for a guy on a Scott wearing a Northwave heart jersey screaming "on your right"!

    Mate, roll on June 20!!

    1 lap ahead - your hoping ;)
  • alexh1981alexh1981 Posts: 34
    I`ve got roped into this as well through our team at work, kind of regretting it now. All of us are pretty much novices but we got a respectable finish last year.

    I`m a complete novice as i`ve never done a proper MTB event before, so i`m expecting hell. I`m just hoping to hold my own and not put in a 2 hr lap time. We have rode the course post event for the past few years so i kind if know what i`m up against..... and for me its fitness where i`ll need the work, technically i`ll be ok from my bmx'ing upbringing but i just cant find the time to get on a bike and build up my fitness.

    We will also be missing our secret weapon this year, the leader of our group who was putting in some silly lap times, so i fully expect us to be challenging for the wooden spoon with me in the team. I guess we will be riding under the company name of Halcrow or HalcrowYolles and will probably have that one some tops. Go gently on us.

    I`ll be the retard on a mongoose in your way; walking uphill and blowing out of my behind. Feel free to say Hi, "or getout of the way you tard"

    Its good to get an idea of what bits to take, especially clothing.
  • amt27amt27 Posts: 320
    First 24hr solo event for me, didn't expect to get a place so pleasantly surprise I got in.

    Did a lot of racing as a youngster (including many Malvern Classics) and got back into biking a couple of years ago. Spent the last few years doing lots of miles on the South Downs.

    My concerns are cramp, conditions and how I will cope mentally. Lots of useful tips on the event website re: food, training, support etc.

    What sort of training are you solo guys doing? I am doing a 2-3 3-4hr rides a week. I am gonna try and up this to 6hr rides.
  • Eskimo427Eskimo427 Posts: 288
    I'm quite lucky as I have 16mile journey to work along a railway line. Due to the bad weather we had last year most of the track is in a bad way so it takes a lot of effort to get through some of it. I time my runs to and from work using an application called SportyPal which shows your distance, speed and overlays your course on google maps. I use this to try and improve my times each day. I also use a local forest which has about a 4.5 mile loop, there are some good hills in it so I'll do this 4 or 5 times to get the miles in.
    I try to visit the gym once a week too and do an hour on a rowing machine, I find this helps with the mental training, stamina and upper body strength. You could also try and get some protein after each ride, either a tin of tuna or a protein bar and get lots of sleep.
    Ultimately though time in the saddle is what your after, I personally think the more you do the better you'll do at the event and more you'll enjoy it too. Don't forget to keep the water levels topped up too.
    Hope some of this helps, however there are people on here who know a lot more than I do.
  • I'm taking part for the first time this year. I've organised two teams of five from my work place, a few regular riders (including myself) and a few who've signed up for a laugh.

    I cycle roughly 12 miles a day as part of my commute, and trail ride a couple of nights a week and at weekends - not the greatest of riders, but I think I do enough to get the most out of the event (time will tell).

    We're getting there on the Friday evening, if anyone fancies a brew and something of the BBQ!
    Snobs go home - if it's got two wheels, brakes and some form of drivechain, then it's fine by me.
  • alexh1981alexh1981 Posts: 34
    rode the course yesterday evening, start is a bit nasty but the second half is much more fun.

    Looking forward to it.
  • amt27amt27 Posts: 320
    alexh1981 wrote:
    rode the course yesterday evening, start is a bit nasty but the second half is much more fun.

    Looking forward to it.

    any suggestions on tyre choice?
  • Something dry and fast.
    What options do you have or will you be buying some?

    Racing Ralphs or my fave Michelin XC Dry II would be my suggestions.
  • alexh1981alexh1981 Posts: 34
    I`d agree with that if the rain holds off today/ tomorrow

    Majority of the course is dry, hard, loose and second half seemed quick. When you get under the canopies its still a bit damp in there and a few of us struggled for traction on the one wooded section thats got some uphill bits (think thats the first one) real energy sapper for somone like me being rather unfit. if its wet the first grassy climb might be interesting to watch at the start.

    I was running kenda nevagal's and wont be changing them to mud slingers unless the weather changes. Quite happy theu suited the conditions, only time they came unstuck was in that 1st wooded area where it was still a bit damp.

    1st event, 1st time riding at night too- i`m not bricking it much. Took us an age to get round as we had three punctures in our group.

    No way i`m doing a sub 1 hr lap. It took us so long my phone died 3/4 way way round tracking the course via gps.
  • joff69joff69 Posts: 18
    I was a mayhem virgin, and whilst I have been knackered all week, I'm glad I did it and will try and get an entry in for next year.
    It was my first night ride aswell and have to say it wasnt as bad as i thought it was going to be.m I had 2 Hope vision 2s, One on the bars and one on the helmet and though I had more than enough light on high setting, didnt feel the need to go up to max.

    We went round on the friday night in 1 3/4 hrs, due to a few gear issues, pleased we went round as it gave chance to get it sorted before the race, and I did a 1h 23, 1h30(night) and 1h24 laps, which for my level, I'm happy with, we came 71st in the sport mixed and again pleased with it. ( we didnt come last, which was our goal!!)

    Thought the first half of the course ws a bit of a slog for little return, but the second half ( after the ride through the camping) was great, some really good downhill sections, that mad rutted steep dusty downhill bit was way past my skill level and semed to be a bit of a semi-controlled/ hold-on-for-dear-life back wheel skid all the way to the bottom., but really liked the fast section just before the arena.
    Thought a few more showers would have been better, same for water points. Due to our lap times and when the photographer was in position, there wasnt any photos of myself and another rider in the team by the official photographer, which I'm a bit dissapointed about, but by the time I got to the top of the kenda ckimb I was sucking air through my censored and would probably not have been the best photo of me ever!!

    But really enjoyed it, I feel a lot fitter having done it.
    Oh and a big thanks to the guys at magura, who had a check over of my menja forks and ended up doing a mini service of them, they rode a lot better. so Thank you.,
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