Scott CR1 Pro 2009

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Looking at buying a Scott CR1Pro 09 model with Ultegra grpset. Can anyone who has one pass on their views on the bike?



  • CarbonCopy
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    Its a beauty of a bike a real punchy performer whilst being comfortable on all day rides.
    Its extremely light and handles well.
    Downside is it doesnt have a fancy Italian name on the frame.
    Also it does not have a replaceable rear hanger.
    Scott will sort the frame in the event of an accident.They are great at honouring the warranty.
  • Westerberg
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    interesting stuff - thanks CC!
  • Westerberg
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    how do you fine the geometry? Is it a more relaxed, aimed at long distance riding - I guess it's less aggressive than the Addict. I believe I may get more bang for my buck with this than with more coveted brands (Bianchi etc...) and get better wheels for the money saved.
  • Tollers
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    I built up a 2009 CR1 as my summer bike so havent done many miles on it yet, but i gave it 10 miles today in the sun and instantly it felt much better than my Ribble. Super light, responsive, comfortable yet stiff. It makes me smile every time i get on it. The geometry isn't as aggressive as the Addict, but it's still a racer. I think the 2010 CR1 has had the geometry changed to make it more comfortable over long distance, but i'll stick with my 2009 for a while. Only downside is the non-replaceable derailleur hanger.

    I don't think you'd be dissapointed :)
  • Westerberg
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    hmmm - interesting video, thanks. Certainly seems to be a good climbing bike and very light too.
  • cjcp
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    The CR1 Pro climbs brilliantly. Took mine (2006 model) out on the Surrey Rumble today. As stated above, stiff and very responsive. Great bike.
    FCN 2-4.

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