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I've been cycling regularly, 5 or 6 days a week, for a number of years now but have taken it more seriously of late. After the the longer rides, an hour or more, i notice my boys have retreated back inside my body! This doesn't cause me any discomfort and i'm happy with my saddle, no pain or numbness. Is this common or am i a freak? My wife would prpbably like to know is cycling going to have a detrimental effect on my baby makers?

Replies/ abuse welcome.
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  • I'd get medical advice if I were you. It might be perfectly ok to have them going up and down like pistons but there might be a risk of getting some of the indoors plumbing twisted or constricted.
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    I'd bite the bullet and take medical advice. I know it's kind of embarrassing, however, nothing would feel better than a clean bill of health given by a health professional . The lack of pain would suggest (to me at least) that nothing is seriously wrong but it's not something I've heard of happening before.
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    i wouldnt get too worried-some martial artists can withdraw their clackers at will! :shock:
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  • I'm not suprised they're 'Drawing Within' with the temperature's just lately its a wonder they have'nt dropped off

    Saying that I always wear a good shamied pair of shorts with longs over the top..never had a problem...can'nt protect ya 'Crown Jewels' enough
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    I'll give more thought to wrapping the boys up in the cold weather, see if it makes a difference.
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    Go to the docs, it's free and it does no harm to have it checked. Cold does cause the troops to shrivel up but too much warmth can cause other problems. Book in on Monday and hope it's a cute doctor and she likes handling you :P
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    I wouldn't worry about it. It happens to everyone as the testes are designed to move up and down to maintain their optimum temp' in cold/hot weather. In fact mine have just reappeared after a cold 25 miler! :D
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    Just remember, in warmer weather you will be complaining when they are trying to get too far away from the heat source and getting in the way
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    Yup,Winter is i'm living in a box and staying there,Summer is swing low sweet chariot.
  • Don't go to the 'Embarassing Bodies' doctors though. :D

    You don't want to end up like that man who, after a medical on TV, found out his problem was nothing more then he didn't know how to wipe his bum properly. :oops:
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    with the risk of sounding wierd i'll post,

    im able to move mine up so there no longer in the sack as such. theyve done this themselves before when out on the bike, not uncomfortable and im on the understanding that its not hurting or stop working so far, so it must be normal.

    it is pretty strange though so its up to you whether or not you get any medical opinion.
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    No longer in the sack?
    Surely not in a glass by the side of the bed.
  • I am a girl so cannot relate to this problem personally, however my friend who is a doctor as dealt with an issue where the testicles retreated got twisted and then it became very painful for the patient. they had to go in and untwist them.
    Definitely go see a doctor
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