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Altura jacket rip - repairable?

slimboyjimslimboyjim Posts: 367
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I had an accident recently leaving a nice 1.5cm diameter hole in the shoulder of my nice eVent jacket (Altura Crosslite). Can anyone give me any advice on getting it repaired?

I've tried to google Altura and nothing seems to come up for the company - anyone have any details so I can get in contact with them? Has anyone done this to say what the price and quality of work are (i.e. is it better to do this than a home repair)?

Don't want to spent too much as I've just had to buy a new helmet :lol:

Otherwise, can people suggest how I might be able to go about repairing it myself?




  • captainflycaptainfly Posts: 1,001
    A picture would help, to see how visible a repair would be. I am also not familiar with the material as it ias stretch waterproof isn't it? There are plenty of gear repairer out there but like I said the fabic could be an issue. If you are not too bothered about the look of the repair then a diy patch should work to stop the weather getting in have a look at ... ir_30.html
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  • Uncle PeterUncle Peter Posts: 324
    You can try and get some stuff from a company called McNett, they have various products you can use, it's fairly cheap too. I'm using some Tenacious tape and Seam Seal on my Endura jacket right now.

    Or if you want a more professional repair you can pay to have it done by a company called Tundra. They're one of three companies which are licensed to repair Gore-Tex in the UK, (Event is essentially the same as Gore-Tex, IIRC they just have a better way of fixing the membrane around the pores, they charge around £25 for a patch repair depending on size etc.
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