sciatic nerve pain

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Hi Guys a little advice please I'm 27 and v active. I have been suffering with sciatic nerve pain for a few years nothing major small amount of pain not really ever stopped me doing anything, however recently the nerve pain has been quiet bad to the popint where i'm limping. I have had an MRI and X Rays and blood test and they say it is just something i have to learn to manage as the docs can't seem to find any problems. So my question is what is the best way to manage this and would it be worth seeing if i can see a nerve specialist? This recent spell of pain started in sepetember 09 and has not really gona away and i'm really getting v annoyed by it.
Any advice greatfully received


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    I found the only way to manage this was through seeing a chiropracter. A referral to a physio by your GP is probably the first thing you should ask for as that may well help. Personally I found physio didnt help, but it seems to be horses for courses. Try the physio (especially as its free), and if that doesnt work then see a chiro or osteopath who has a good reputation locally.

    May sound weird, especially as its so long after its started, but icing your lower back and using a tens machine can help it when its bad. Those both started me onto recovery, even thoguh heat treatment felt better, it didnt work. But again, thats just my experience!!

    Good luck!