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evans rant

dwilldwill Posts: 150
edited March 2010 in MTB general
anyone had bother with evans cycles asking you to call back then not answering the phone then blatantly picking the phone up then hanging up on you.
i just find it f*****g ignorant and im really tempted to try the bike i have ordered and even if i love it go elsewhere to buy it.
£1500 worth of bike and they dont even have the decency to answer the phone
should i go elswhere? i worked hard for the cash to buy this


  • nicklousenicklouse Posts: 50,675 Lives Here
    yes it happens in life, not just in the cycle world.

    saying Evans is a very sweeping statement as the same people do not work in all the stores.

    May be name and shame the store rather than tarring them all with the same brush.

    May be some Muppet had turned the mic. off and did not know.
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  • mkfmkf Posts: 242
    deffo and i'd let the manager know exactly why he lost £1500 worth of trade
  • dwilldwill Posts: 150
    it had nothing to do with the mic being off you could hear the reciever being lifted then put back down [email protected], i`ll go and test ride the bike tomorrow then ask for me £50 deposit back then i`ll pass the money onto a decent lbs, i`ll name and shame the shop soon as i get me 50 notes back :shock:
  • dwill
    Try working for an energy consultancy... I get hung up on/not called back 5 days a week!
  • captainflycaptainfly Posts: 1,001
    If it is a branch of evans then it could just be an ignorant employee so have a word with the manager, then name and shame if you don't get an appology. Thier online service has always be good for me and they comuncate well enough.
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  • dwilldwill Posts: 150
    i must admit the service down there is normally class, i just hate ignorance if therew close enough to lift andreplace the reciever there close enough to answer it.
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  • cpk1cpk1 Posts: 175
    I ordered some shorts to be delivered to the kendal store two weeks before i went to the lakes on holiday because they said they would definatly be instore for me to pick up on first day of holiday, so i thought great no problem paid for them there and then. Got to the store on holiday NO shorts, staff said they had been delivered but had been sent back to the warehouse, to go to another store, so not very happy had to get refund, wudnt bother with them again to be honest as they didnt really seem to know what they were doing.
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  • SpleeSplee Posts: 9
    Not impressed with 'em. Asked for a price match, the guy in store said he wasn't in a position to do it and would get the store manager to ring me back......OK...gave him the number and made him call it while I was in the shop to ensure was rung.
    Got no phone call so went back in in a few days to get the old 'sorry we noted your phone number wrong'.........never bought anything from them since.
    I appreciate it was just one branch and one or two employees but there enough competition in this market not to even consider the whole group again.
  • schmakoschmako Posts: 1,982
    Well thats kind of stupid, like having a bad crash at your favourite riding spot and deciding not to ride there again. Don't let one experience put you off!
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