Big guy, never owned a mtb before. Looking for some advice..

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Hey guys. I'm a big guy, 6'1 and pushing 20 stone. Had a search around using google and read some recommendations that were given to other people for mtbs. I'd set a budget in my head of £150 for a bike, and rather than going for a real cheapo I managed to find a second hand Carrera Kraken on ebay for slightly under my budget. It should arrive with me in the next few days.

I currently live in Blackpool, and just decided on buying a bike in an effort to shed some pounds. I guess I'll mostly be riding it along the bike path at the Promenade here, so there are no massive hills in the area.

I just had a few of questions for when it arrives, and i was hoping you guys could help!

A few people seemed to be recommending that the bigger chap should take their bike along to a LBS and to have the suspension tightened, and I think to have the wheels/spokes adjusted in some way? Does that sound about right, and are there any other suggestions? I'd bookmarked the post that mentioned it but I'm on another computer at the moment.

I also figure that since it's second hand (condition was "used") that it could use a service at the local bike shop. How much should I be looking at for that, assuming there's nothing horribly wrong with it?

Aside from that I really just need a look into using gears on a bike.. I've not properly ridden a bike for nearly 15 years, and I only ever had a bmx before!

Thanks for any help you guys can offer, this seems like a great community.


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    Hi and welcome to the forum.

    You seem to have been given great advice about the bike already and thats all you really need to know. Best peaople to ask are your LBS when you are in as they are usually very helpfull asuming they are a good shop. Try to get to know them and you will go a long way with them
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    Thanks for replying! I guess I was hoping for a wee bit of advice in advance of going to avoid creating an awkward situation of "hey guys do you think i need extra wide tires cause im fat?" :D

    Didn't know if I was going overboard to ask for something like that since I'm not planning on riding it on trails or anything. Also, since I'm new to all this I was a wee bit wary of the LBS guys taking advantage of my lack of knowledge and going overboard with charges...

    If anyone happens across this thread who is also Blackpool based, is there a LBS you can recommend? I know there's one here on red bank road up at the sainsburys...
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    I'd ride it a bit before taking it to an LBS, try to get a feel for if you need the suspension firming up (this will probably require fitting a new spring, so it's not totally cheap (£30-40)) and spokes tightening.

    Hard to say how much a service will be without seeing the bike. I would imagine it'll need at least new gear cables and a chain.