Carbon bottle cages

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Do they all work as well as each other
It seems you can pay £15 (planet z 2 for £30) to £60 each
What is the recommendation?


  • stokepa31
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    I got two scott ones but only as i wanted it to match my bike. know plenty of people with el cheapo ones and they all hold a bottle well enough. Go with what pleases the eye and the pocket would be my advice
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  • Daimler
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    Planet X 2 for £30 here....brilliant items.....I got free choccies with mine...mmmmm :lol:
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  • Wappygixer
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    I had Elite carbon cages, I soon changed them to Specialized rib cages due to the rattle frolm carbon ones not holding the bottle very steady.
  • AndyD2574
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    Carbonista carbon cages off ebay.

    Loads od different styles and £30 a pair!
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