Anyone got back pain you cant get rid of it? Read this book.

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I have noticed there are a few people with back problems on this forum so I thought I would share my experience with you all.

I have had lower back pain for a number of years and more recently sciatic nerve pain (according to my physio) which I just couldn't seem to get rid of. I have had physio, pain killers, tried stretching exercises, yoga, different chairs, different pillows while all the time limiting my movement and activities and nothing worked. All I got was relief for a short period of time, sometimes from physio, more often with the yoga, which I quite enjoy.

I was just going to try an Osteopath when I stumbled across this book. I read it a couple of times and in about 4 weeks all my pain has gone. I am running again which I haven't done in 8 months, and am no longer negative about doing big climbs on my bike which had me in a world of pain previously.

I get very minor twinges from time to time but I can make these dissipate in minutes. I have posted the link to the US amazon page as there is alot more reviews of the book compared to the UK site. Give you more of an idea of the states some peoples backs were in before they read the book.

It's the best £4 I ever spent. Beats £33 per session on physio I was paying. ... 946&sr=8-1


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    Looks interesting, I think I`ll buy it.
    Thanks for that.
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  • Just as an update if anyone is interested, there are many video's on the web regarding the cause of back pain detailed in this book. I havent watched them so cannot comment on any. I googled tension myositis syndrome to find them, which is the cause of most back pain as described in Healing Back Pain book: