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I have inherited a Bridon 753 reynolds tubing bike can anyone tell me anything about them and what its value would be also a Bridon 531 does anyone know who bridon are


  • cougie
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    753 was the professional standard framing - basically as good as tubing got in the 80s.
    Not sure about the value and I've not heard of Bridon ? 531 was the tubing that club riders would ride back in the day.
  • Lillywhite
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    cougie wrote:
    753 was the professional standard framing

    It was also used a lot for made to measure time trial frames 15-20 years ago, due to it's lightness, and tended to be a bit whippy in the larger frame sizes, over 60 cm.
    Reynolds 653 was used more for road racing and was a lot more durable.
  • sturmey
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    Then there was Reynolds 531 Professional.
    this was around at the same time as 753.not quite as light but lighter than 531c.
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    If I remember correctly you had to be a 753 accredited craftsman to build them so the frame should be up to scratch. I also think they were silver soldered but I might have dreamt that. I know I always wanted one and ended up with an Orbit 753. What a pile of crap that was, the only thing on it was the sticker.
  • Monty Dog
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    Indeed, 753 was silver solder only as the tubes were heat treated and brazing was too hot and therefore affected the heat treatment. Builders had to be registered - you couldn't just buy tubes and have a go. Bridon may be a shop name - they would have bought frames from a reputable builder and then stickered them up themselves. In the 70s and 80s there were countless small scale builders.
    Make mine an Italian, with Campagnolo on the side..
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    I picked up a second hand Argos 753 for a great price last year and it is fantastic to ride. It only comes out when the weather is good but it feels as fast as any modern carbon bikes I have ridden.