5ft 10 (F) needs help choosing a bike after 15 years away!

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Hi Guys!
I'm sure you get asked this loads so sorry in advance :) I'm looking to get a new moutainbike but after 15 years away from biking I'm a bit overwhelmed with the choice out there!

As stated I'm 5ft 10 (35 years old), I live in on the edge off the town near the country in not so sunny Scotland and so I'm looking for an all rounder bike that I can take on and off the roads, for short distance commuting and for fun on my days off :D

I have £1000.00 (cant go over as I'm getting it through the cycle scheme) for the bike and accessories (lock,lights,helmet,ect) would like full sus but with my budget and wanting an all rounder not sure if hardtail would be better? :?: :oops:

Thanks :)


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    The Boardman bikes from Halfords are worth a good look, the spec is fantastic for the money. Hardtail will always get you more for your money, but again look at the Boardman full sus.

    It might be worth reserving some money for a different saddle, at 5'10 I'd assume you'll have difficulty getting a women's specific bike.
  • Hi Emmie,
    You could try the On-One website as they have custom builds for a grand to accommodate the cycle to work scheme. Perhaps a 456 with adjustable fork. Wind the fork in for your commute and let it out for a blast off road. I had one and it went evrywhere my full suss did but with a bigger grin. Can't wait to get my next one in a few months.
    Good luck
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    I thought this was a cracking deal.....

    http://www.chainreactioncycles.com/Mode ... elID=48028
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    Go and try some out. Some women are happy with men's bikes, for some the woman-specific bikes are better.
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    I's certainly look at the Boardman - light and very well specced for the cash.

    And as has been mentioned, try men's as well as women's bikes, but don't be afraid to ask them to change parts like saddles and grips to make it more comfortable for you.
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    Don't be faffed around by sales staff, they will talk your teeth out on women specific designs. Actually my wife was more comfortable on standard (mens) bike, if I wasn't there with her am sure she would end up with WSD bike even if she didn't like it.
    WSD bikes usually cost more than the same specc mens bike!
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