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fubsie01fubsie01 Posts: 10
My wife is looking at buying a bike simply to ride with myself and 4 1/2 year old son for leisure. It would be for a few miles only largely on light tracks and trails. The most important thing is that is comfortable for her and reasonably lightweight - has anyone got any recommendations, want it reasonably cheap as it would be of light use.

Appreciate it.


  • baudmanbaudman Posts: 757
    Some questions to help hone in on an appropriate solution (I can't help much, as I'm in Australia, but locals will want to know the same thing)

    What's your definition of reasonably cheap?
    What sort of distances?
    Just for pootling around, or can it also do some shopping/errands etc?
    Hills? Flat?
    Fair weather?

    FWIW, at the cheap end of the scale, avoid suspension. It's invariably cheap, heavy and nasty. Generally, not required for the sort of riding I believe you're talking about.

    I got thisfor my partner - but it serves as a commuter and shopping bike as well. Not that cheap tho.
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  • my wife has been very happy with her Kona Africabike from Really Useful Bikes
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