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Ultralight CNC brakes - adjustment

pabloweaverpabloweaver Posts: 444
edited March 2010 in Workshop
bought a set of the CNC brakes and fitted all well and good ...aside from the following minor irk..

In order to retain sufficient leverage/power/control I have to set the cable in such a position that means the quick release cam arm wil not ...well...quick release.

in order to remove the wheel I have to back off the cable adjuster barrel in order to gain sufficient slack on the cam and brakes prior to release.

does that make sense?

now this is obviously not a time consuming job, but it defeats the object of the "innovative" cam being used as a QR.

anybody else encountered this with these brakes?

picture taken off internet to show the cam etc


Great club in and around the Warrington area.


  • moonshinemoonshine Posts: 1,021
    hey Pablo,

    further to the other thread.... i'm not to sure i can help too much i'm afraid...

    They seem a pain to set up, especially the allen bolts & grub screw set up.. I'm not going to use them on my road bike because of the difficulty in keeping them adjusted properly. On the TT bile, it isn't that important as a flat meens you are out of the hunt anyway,,,,

    I can seem to clear a 23mm michelin ProRace 3 through the gap - i guess it will depend on the rims width that you have. I think i set mine up in a way similar to you, in that i used the barrel adjuster to give me enough slack to hook the cable, then adhusted the reach / modulation by thgtening the barrel adjuster.

    ive found the shimano dual pivot setup is much easier to adjust pad clearance and brake pad bias on.

    I think you will
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