HELP!!!! Which computer.

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Could do with a change of computer, as I want a bit more info. Looked at various one's but head now in shed, HELP????? Looked at;
-Cateye V2c
-New Cateye Adventure, but no cadence on.
-Mavic Windtech Alt, only got actual cadence on, not average & max.
-VDO Z3 but looked as if it had a tadge too many features
-Garmin Edge 500 but can't seem to find an exact description of features, even Garmin website seems vague.

I really would like;
-Current speed, cadence & HR
-Average speed, cadence & HR
-Maximum speed, cadence & HR
-Distance & odometer
-Trip time
-Temp & Altimter functions

Does the Garmin Edge 500 hit all the right places?


  • redddraggon
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    Yeh Garmin Edge 500 is a good bet. Only one I'm not sure on is Temp
    I like bikes...

  • Eau Rouge
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    It does temp but might not be too reliable with it. ... eview.html

    That should give you a rough idea what it does.
  • Bhima
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    Just got one from Aldi for £6 with all those functions except cadence, including a light so I can see the numbers at night.
  • Daimler
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    I have the Cateye V3 and right now it's £89 from Hargrove cycles.
    Triple Wireless, reliable and minimalist.

    I too am contemplating a Garmin 500 but unless I upgrade to a power/watt chainset then I'm not bothering.
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