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Help - Volunteered for the BHF London to Brighton

Southern MonkeySouthern Monkey Posts: 9
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Evening all,

I sort of volunteered (beer induced) for the BHF London to Brighton bike ride in June with work. I haven't been riding seriously since a shoulder op last summer so a bit podgy around the middle.

I've been on a couple of flattish rides this year between the snow of 15 to 18 miles and was properly knackered, been in the gym and using the exercise bikes and doing some plyometrics to work on lower body and core strength but am struggling with stamina and endurance.

Any help and training advice much appreciated especially to increase stamina. I work away during the week so currently only a weekend rider.

2009 Orange 5 (Custom)

Screaming just before crashing doesn't help.........


  • RansakaRansaka Posts: 474
    I've found that stamina just happens, it just needs you to keep at it constantly. Ride, ride and ride some more, it'll take a while but it'll come in the end.
    When you get to the end of your rides and think, "Hey, I don't feel too bad, my breathing's back to normal quickly and my legs aren't jelly" you need to increase the distance/duration.

    Works for me.
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