Recovery From Clavicle Surgery

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To get straight to the point I'm having a plate fitted to fix my broken clavicle in a couple weeks and so, as to not lose too much pay and use up my leftover holiday entitlement, I'm looking at booking the recovery period off as holiday.

My question is how much time can I expect to have off following the surgery? My job is fairly active and I really need to be able to have at least partial use of both my arms. My gp tells me to speak to specialist I'm seeing and he's pretty much uncontactable.

So does anyone have personal experience or a vague idea of how long I will be off work?


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    Hi there...

    Firstly... bad luck on injuring yourself!!!! Hope it didnt hurt too much :(

    Secondly... Ive had a fair amount of experience with what you are describing.

    Couple of years ago, at Thetford my friend came off his bike landed on his shoulder and broke his clavicle in 3 places and thus required a plate similar to your description...

    He was in Hospital for 3 days and was back at work within 2 weeks (although on light duties) back to full strength within 6 weeks.

    I however did the same, at thetford, went down a big drop off, landed wrong, landed my not inconsiderable full weight all on my left shoulder, my clavicle held up but instead I had a grade A/C joint separation, all 3/4 tendons and the capsule was ruptured ( ... cjoint.htm ) mine required surgery and artificial tendons and screws etc... I had 3 weeks off at the time of the accident and then a further 3 weeks off when I had the surgery 6 months later.

    I hope that your surgery goes OK and is uneventful!

    Hope this helps you anyway.

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    i had that same op.
    i stayed over-night after the op and was off work (heavy engineering) for 8 weeks.during this time i was encouraged to ride my bike and to run.