mtb,er wants to transfer but which bike ???

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i,ve been racing mtb marathons for years and will be in australia for w.a marathon champs later in the year but would like to do some road racing 2011. what bike in the cannondale range would you suggest ?my licence would only put me in cat 4 because i,ve never road raced so i think i would probably do tt,s first ,but would like a bike that could do both rather than specific?


  • Chip \'oyler
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    If you want a frame to do both then the Cervelo S range is a good choice. It's essentially an 'aero' road frame
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  • passout
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    Planet X road ti ideally. Can't comment on Dale although the CAA9 looks great the system 6 or whatever it's called has just won a bike of the year award. I'd speak to a Cannondale dealer.
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