Fuji Track Classic?

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Can anyone tell me if these are any good? I'm starting looking at getting myself a track bike but would be on a budget (£400 max but the cheaper the better for now). I have seen these for around £360 in a few places and they appear to be genuine track bikes rather than posing "fixies". I have looked on ebay for second hand but it seems to be a bit of a minefield with any fixed or single gear bike described as a "track bike" :x

Won't be buying anything for a few months yet but any comments or alternatives will be welcome. I will only be riding a few drop in sessions for now and have no intention racing for the time being so just really want something that can take a battering off a novice.

Also, whilst typing - what sort of gearing would be standard for general track training and do most track bikes use clinchers or tubs? I've never used tubs and would be worried about rolling one on the track but guess they are better in the event of a puncture?


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    Herne Hill has Fuji tracks as hire bikes and the Wednesday night B league last year was won by someone riding one. For £360 they are very, very good value for money and ideal for someone beginning track racing.

    Gearing is a personal choice but something between 85" and 90" inches is a good start, i.e. 50x15, 46x14 or 47x14.

    As for tubs v clinchers, the same pros and cons apply on the track as they do on the road. You certainly don't need to run with tubs to enjoy riding on the track, nor will it hold you back should you decide to race.
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    Buy a second hand one, theres always bikes for sale at neport, speak to Pete Saddler ( always there on friday night) as he always has a few to sell. For another £550 you could have my 58cm 853 with zipp wheels :-) see pics in signature link
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    The Fuji is a great starter track bike and has launched thousands of track ‘careers’.

    It will see you fine to start and is also ripe for upgrade. Probably the 1st area to address will be the wheels but the originals will get you going.

    Alternatives? Keep an eye on eBay and look out for a 2nd hand Dolan Track Champ – it will take you a lot further along your development.

    Gearing: In training sessions (as asprinter) I mostly use 84.6 (47x15) and will occasionally venture on to my race/qualifying gears which are much bigger. My suggestion would be to initially keep your gears relatively small in training (probably no more then 88 ) and learn about spinning and leg speed.

    For general training clinchers will be fine – you just need to chose your tyres carefully. I can recommend Vittoria Diamente Pro Light clinchers very highly.

    You won’t roll a tub if it is properly glued. When you get tubs, just follow the gluing instructions on the Park Tools site and you’ll be fine.
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    Thanks all. If I'm still so enthusiastic in 3 weeks time I will start nagging the wife to loosen the purse strings so I can get the Fuji unless something second hand comes up in the meantime. This track lark certainly beats going out in the wind and rain to ride up hills plus no need to clean the bike after (other than to wipe off a bit of sweat lol).
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    Not sure your supposed to advertise in forums !!
    They ban people in mtb for that