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rockhopper front wheel

spangled123spangled123 Posts: 18
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hi there im pete and ive just registered on here and wondered if anyone can help me?ive just purchased a 2nd hand specialized rockhopper with disc brake on front wheel and wondered if anyone can tell me what way round the front forks are meant to be ?have looked at several dif bikes and some have the disc on the left as i have but have seen some where its on the right.also can anyone tell me if specialized can supply paint as would like to have it repainted in exactly the same colour blue as was the reason i bought her having had one before .many thanks


  • jpstarjpstar Posts: 561
    Nearly always on the left hand side, but make sure the caliper is on the rear of the fork. Also the arch is normally on the front, although not always true.
    Don't think Spesh supply paint although if you know the year they can probably give you the paint specifications a powder coater or frame painter can knock up for you.

  • hi ,thanks joe ,thats how have it i just wanted to be that was all.thanks also for info on paint as its such a nice colour,only seen three the same blue before and i owned one of them .wanted a bike that enjoy riding as got 30 m round trip to work to start soon.
  • Mc SmileyMc Smiley Posts: 252
    Yeah generally they are good if ask them, and yes unless it is a manitou fork with a reverse arch or magura witha double arch (if you unsure on what I mean just google them).

    I take it the bike is this one or similar ... W_KL_d.jpg
    If you do have it repainted get it professionally done, unless you no someone or you are handy yourself as it always comes off easy on all the homedone jobs
  • yeah same bike just mine a little older though exact same colour.if do will prob go powder coating direction and will sandblast the frame the bike i must admit and as never really going off road i dont see the point of me having a full suspension bike.have seen a few cannondales that could make me change my mind though.thanks for the help.
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