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Salzkammergut MTB marathon in Austria, anyone done it ?

DTM12DTM12 Posts: 163
edited March 2010 in XC and Enduro
Am hoping to do this in July this year. Was hoping for some advice on travel, accomodation etc so I can get planning things. Not sure if summer flights into Salzburg are particularly cheap or plentiful, but maybe wrong


  • garetjaxgaretjax Posts: 175
    Hi there,

    I did the event last year and aim to go along this year.

    I live near manchester and could not find any convenient flights and so flew with Ryanair from London Stanstead to Salzburg. All was ok.

    A local travel agent met us at Salzburg airport ( there were a few of us on the plane) and transported us and our mtb bikes to hotels in Bad Goisern. The local agent is called protravel and are mentioned on the uk web sites ( I have been trying to contact Protravel directly to make arrangements for this year but they are not replying for some mysterious reason.

    I stayed at Hotel Anlanger in Goisern. Nice enough and with a bike shop next door.

    The event itself was called off half-way through because of freak weather conditions. It snowed heavily and many riders, including this one, were getting hypothermia ! That aside the festive atmosphere of the event made the trip worthwhile and it has just given me the taste to go back. I think on a nice day the ride be memorable indeed.

    Go for it.
  • DTM12DTM12 Posts: 163
    Thanks thats good advice,
    Did the travel agents at the Austrian end, sort your hotel for you ?
  • garetjaxgaretjax Posts: 175
    Have a look here.

    All info is there.

    As described on the website, the whole trip can be arranged by contacting MTB Marathon for hotel accommodation, transfers and registration. Alternatively, I think you can arrange hotel and accommodation by contacting the Austrian travel agent direct and might be a little cheaper.
  • TonyWardTonyWard Posts: 149
    I "think" Guy Kestevan wrote a review of a Trek Fuel Ex in the tough weather '09 race in either WMB or MBUK which you might be able to track down on here
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