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What Chainset?

ricktabor1ricktabor1 Posts: 272
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Hi everyone,
I've got a Specialized Tricross sport 2006. I want to get a new double chainset but i'm not sure what to get. The problem is that the drivetrain is 8 speed.
All the chainsets that i've looked at are 9 or 10 speed. Does an 8 speed chain run on a 9 speed chainset?

The chainset that came with the bike is an FSA RPM double by the way.

Anyone got any advise?
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  • No problem with using 8/9/10 speed cranksets with an 8 speed cassette. I currently use an 8 speed crankset with a 10 speed cassette with no problems.
    Dolan Preffisio
    2010 Cube Agree SL
  • thanks carlos.
    So am I right in thinking that you use a 10speed chain on 8 speed chainrings? I didn't think that would be possible.
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  • rakerake Posts: 3,204
    not a good idea i would have thought as the 10 speed cain is narrower than 8 speed. its ok the other way though ie 8 speed chain 9-10 speed rings.
  • The width of the inside af the chain is the same between 8/9/10 speed chains, the overall width is narrower for each one though. This is achieved through thinner side plates and is the reason why 10 speed chains don't last as long. I think that 11 speed chains are narrower between the inside faces though so you wouldn't want to use a none 11 speed crankset with and 11 speed cassette.
    Dolan Preffisio
    2010 Cube Agree SL
  • ricktabor1ricktabor1 Posts: 272
    thanks guys. Didn't realise that about the inside chain widths - very interesting.

    Knowledge is power!
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  • daveydave43daveydave43 Posts: 200
    im using a 9 speed 105 chainset from chain reaction cycles (£25 down from £100) with an 8spd chain - no problems at all
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