Flying Scot Advice?

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I have been given a 1960's Flying Scot. It is approx 23inch frame and has obviously been resprayed at some point. The frame number 250N (or that is what it looks like). It has a Brooks Professional Saddle, Campag record rear mech, and a suntour svx front mech (we assume that this is a relatively recent addition). The wheels have campag hubs, and there are campag shifters at the end of the bars. It seems to be in very good working condition, but is too big for me to ride.

Anyone any ideas how much it would be worth? and how I would go about selling it?



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    Very difficult to "guestimate" without a photo. A reasonably sort-after marque, but with neither the paint nor the components original I doubt would do more than 150 quid.

    Ebay is the only real test of market value - simply the biggest audience. Offering postage will increase number of potential bidders and hence price.

    This is a GUESS!
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    try, they'll give you a good indication of what it's worth

    Vintage bikes are very much in demand lately so you might be surprised at how much you get for it
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    Does anyone know where my mate can get a head badge for a 50's Flying Scot?

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    flashes wrote:
    Does anyone know where my mate can get a head badge for a 50's Flying Scot?


    Send me an email via my contact, might be able to help. :wink:

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