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Continental Supersonic tires tubeless

chorscroftchorscroft Posts: 254
edited March 2010 in MTB general
For anyone who's considered running continental supersonic tires tubeless:

After several hours work I've successfully got a 2.2 raceking supersonic worldcup and a 2.1 speedking supersonic running tubeless on an M775 wheelset.

The bead seated very easily with no rimstrip using just a handpump and some soapy water.

The hard part was getting the incredibly porous sidewalls to seal. I was using stans and simply added about a cup and a half in through the removable valve core inflated the tire to about 20 psi and then turned the wheel round to coat the inside in the solution. I then left the wheel on one side for about an hour before turning it over and leaving it for an hour on the other side, pumping the tire back up to 20 psi periodically. Then I covered the tire in soapy water to find any spots which still hadn't sealed, and to fix these I propped the wheel up so that the solution would be sitting over that spot and left to seal.

Eventually I had 2 fully sealed wheels which I deflated and topped up with stans before pumping up to 30 psi. I'll report back after the first ride to let you know how they went.



  • BlackSpurBlackSpur Posts: 4,228
    How much stans is in there then?
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  • Not really anymore than the half cup I added at the end.

    It's amazing how much it takes to seal the side walls and how much leaks out during the sealing process.
  • AnonymousAnonymous Posts: 79,692
    i have tried to convert supersonic tyres before and they were atrocious, i spent days and days shaking and trying to seal the beggars up. never happened. they popped onto the rim pretty easily but never stayed inflated no matter what i did.

    you have done well and good luck out on the trails.
  • Thanks for the info chorcsroft, I've been considering doing the same for a while now. Let us know how you get on out on the bike! May well give this a try, I'm going to change the Trailrakers back to my Supersonic Speed Kings in the next few weeks and don't fancy stopping to change a puncture every 15 miles or so....
  • gezzzagezzza Posts: 324
    Ive done a few sets of supersonic tires takes some time to seal 100% but once done they are great Racekings like low pressure 22/25psi.

    I found they seal quicker if you ride them.

    BTW Speedkings suck poor grip and bad connering
  • chorscroftchorscroft Posts: 254
    Well they seem to be fully sealed now as the speed king has stayed up for 3 days now and the raceking lost a bit of pressure on sunday night but after shaking the sealant around and reinflating has stayed up till now.

    Mightn't get a chance to ride till saturday but :(

    I find the speedking great for the trails I ride on and like it alot more than the raceking for a front tire which was why I swapped.
  • Yeah, I totally agree, been riding Speed Kings for about two years now and have been massively impressed with their preformance, aside from the punctures! Think I'll give this tubeless lark a go then!

    Did you use a tubeless conversion kit, like Stan's?
  • chorscroftchorscroft Posts: 254
    Nah, because I was using UST rims I didn't need the full tubeless kit. I just used a couple of stans UST valve stems and some stans sealant.
  • Jenks66Jenks66 Posts: 96
    On a moutain king protection I had the same issue of porous side walls
    Solved it by painting the glue you use for patches around the tyre walls which stopped 99% of the leaks and gave the sealant a chance to work.

    Now only use UST specific tyres
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