Hello to all!! Advise required PLEASE!

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Hi to everyone on the forum!! Been reading topics on here since the new year but only just signed up!!

I have been MTB for a around a year using a Raleigh M TRAX but really want to get better bike as will be doing loads more this year and going forward!!

Im going for the Cycle To Work scheme and can now start to get quotes ready for April when I can get my new bike but would really appreciate some feedback and advice. Aswell as using the bike for getting to work I also go to Wales quite often with a couple of mates and we end up wherever really!! Been to Llyn Brianne Resivior a couple of times last year and also Radnorshire. This year were hoping to go every other week even with the UK Weather!!!

I have been looking at some bikes but would really like some opinions of other MTB users.

The bikes I am considering are:
Cube LTD Pro
Scott Aspect 20
Boardman Comp HT

Any other suggestions would be appreciated


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    All 3 are top notch bikes and wont let you down.

    Personally I would go for the Boardman but go up the spec to the Team its got a blinding kit of top notch gear dripping off the frame at the same price as the Cube.

    If you can try before you buy at the very least have a sit on them.
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