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Giant Reign X Frame?

mrfmilomrfmilo Posts: 2,728
edited March 2010 in MTB general
Can the Reign X frame stand up to DH/FR/AM? Aston hill, PORC, UK Bike park, Esher shoreetc. stuff like that?



  • Phonk7Phonk7 Posts: 178
    Yes is the short answer, unless your racing the reign x will be fine its in the same sort of league as the spesh sx trail which can take anything from an xc track to whistler bike park
  • mrfmilomrfmilo Posts: 2,728
    I wanted to do some races in the summer, although I don't have to.
    Stuff like the 661 mini?

    if it helps the spec of the one i would probs be getting is quite dh orientated....

    Brakes: hope mono m4 203mm front and rear
    Forks: brand new Marzocchi 55rv
    all new bearings set and spares to come too.
    Shimano SLX deraileur put on today
    new Sram chain
    Giant Reign (L)
    fox rp3 shock
    Halo Freedomdisc wheelset on halo hubs
    Sram x-9 shifters
    front deraileur x-9
    RaceFace evolve full kit: stem, bottom bracket
    new cranks, raceface ride dh costing
  • mrfmilomrfmilo Posts: 2,728
  • lawmanlawman Posts: 6,868
    if thats the black reign off pinkbike, its just a standard reign not the x in which case it isnt really built for dh more xc all mountian despite the spec, plus the frame is an xl so is way too big for you. im 6 foot 2 and its too big for me :shock:

  • mrfmilomrfmilo Posts: 2,728
    Yeah, it's the one off Pinkbike. Ah, didn't notice it wasn't the X :x

    And it isn't XL, it's L - which is 18 inches. Been doing some measuring and it's too big.

    I've found one on PB which is a M, the X frame....

    Frame: giant reign x 160mm Travel 18" frame

    Forks:Marzocchi 66rc 170mm travel 20mmaxel

    Derailleurs: shimano lx front and rear ( the rear is a rapid rise long cage)

    Shifters: Shimano slx 9spd

    Cassettes: Shimano lx

    Chain: Shimano hg93 9spd

    Handlebar: Kore riser 6061 710mm

    Stem: Funn rippa stem 45mm (white)

    Grips: Odi crush grey

    Seat: Funn throne saddle snake

    Pedals: Dmr v8 (white)

    Brakes: hayes stroker trail

    Wheels: Halo freedom disc

    Tyres: Tioga factory down hill 2.30 front and rear

    Inner tubes: Nokian dh

    Cranks/chain rings: Raceface prodigy dh with bash gaurd

    Seat post: Raceface
  • lawmanlawman Posts: 6,868
    the large reign is almost certainly not 18 inches, more like 19.5/20 otherwise id have and it wouldnt be on there anymore :lol:

    and are you sure you want a bike that heavy and that much travel?? going from your old avanlanche to something like that will be massivley different

  • lawmanlawman Posts: 6,868
    again that is a plain old standard reign that has been resprayed :roll:

  • mrfmilomrfmilo Posts: 2,728
    The guy told me it is 18 inches.... :?

    And yeah, I reached the limit of the avalanche, I want to do some more DH/FR/AM.

    And i'm not a weight weeny :lol:

    How do you know it has been resprayed!?
  • lawmanlawman Posts: 6,868
    because i know for a fact that reign of that age circa 2005/6 were not white!! they changed the lower shock mount craddle the year after they were first released, 2005 i think to the one on the black bike above, the white one has the original 2005 design, like these ... &range=204

    none of those are white :wink:

  • mrfmilomrfmilo Posts: 2,728
    So you think I shouldn't take it?
  • lawmanlawman Posts: 6,868
    mrfmilo wrote:
    So you think I shouldn't take it?

    basically yes. its not built for dh/fr, and is only warrebtued for 150mm forks not 170

  • mrfmilomrfmilo Posts: 2,728
    Just been comparing the frames, and it's not the X frame, so thanks alot! :D

    More searching now....
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