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WMTB; Genesis test...

SplottboySplottboy Posts: 4,208
edited February 2010 in MTB general
The latest WMTB tests some £700 steeds, including the Genesis, which I had my eye on.
However, they say the angles are a bit steep and the rear end is a bit too stiff.

They also say, unlike some "softer" hardtails they've tested. WHICH ONES???

Due to injuries, over -the-bar-femur-break etc, I need a slacker angled hardtail this year.
This'll be used for my local trails: CYB, Marin, Penmachno etc.

Does anyone recall which Softer Hardtails they've tested or that you know yourself?

Post operation problems means a softer rear end would help. I've got a full sus, and a Thudbuster, but want something for a XC/trail blast, not worrying about air pressures.


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