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Bikeman8989Bikeman8989 Posts: 23
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I have recently bought a pair of campagnolo mirage brakes and they don't fit the wheels i have. They are quite old wheels (Ambrosio Balance - ancient) and i think are the wrong size for the brakes as when measured they are just under 26 inches for the diameter of the rims and just under 27 inches for the diameter of the whole wheel. As i was already thinking of getting new wheels, would the Miche Race from Wiggle fit the brakes? Or the Fulcrum Racing 7?



  • kfinlaykfinlay Posts: 763
    Can depend on the forks/frame as much as the size of the wheels. Road wheels are typically 700c (or old wheels were 27" which are about 15mm smaller in diameter IIRC).

    So if you have 27" wheels then 700c wheels may be fine but try before you buy at an LBS. As you already have the brakes you can also measure and see if that is about right before going to an LBS.

    Quite common for people to upgrade one thing only to find that they need to change other parts to suit.


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  • Monty DogMonty Dog Posts: 20,614
    Depends on what size of wheels and brakes your frame was built for - if the frame was designed for a deep-drop brake and a 700c wheel, your brakes still might be too short. See if you can borrow a wheel from someone or visit your LBS rather than ordering online to find they don't work.
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  • okay thanks, will do that with some friends wheels
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