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Test rode an AR4 today

aoganaogan Posts: 52
edited February 2010 in Road buying advice
I've been long enough on the web the last while trying to find someone else's impressions of the AR series, I thought it only right that I should make my own "review" available to the www :).

The bike was a 2010 AR4 with ultegra 6700. My inside leg dictates I should be riding a 58, the guy in the shop pulled out a 54 compact for me and it seemed to fit me really well straight out of the box. I won't try and wax lyrical or Jeremy Clarkson about the test ride, I don't have riding experience of a lot of bikes and my main bike for the last few years is a 7 or 8 year old aluminium frame / carbon fork combo. But I must say I really liked the AR. The test ride was short and on a pretty good road surface but the bike struck a nice compromise between ride comfort and performance and rigidity. -In fact it's top of the list at the moment for me. The looks are a big selling point as well, I think it looks smashing, and the quality and bling of the the finishing kit is a bonus :)

I wasn't initially aiming at the AR4. The AR3 was closer to my budget, with the AR2 probably out of my reach, but with the framesets allegedly the same, the AR4 or even 5 might be the smart choices. Although having always had ultegra up til now I probably wouldn't feel right dipping down to 105. The AR3 is sram red equipped but it's not in the shops here so I can't see it in the flesh/metal.
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