Carrera Vulcan Disc Spec vs GT Aggressor XC3

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Grateful for any views people are willing to offer. Am normally a roadie but am going to buy a hardtail MTB for light trail riding and the like. Budget is tight so am looking at Halfords offers. They have both the Carrera Vulcan Disc Spec and GT Aggressor XC3 at £299.99 this weekend and am struggling to decide. GT has hydraulic disc brakes and poss a better spec of parts (Shimano Acera vs SRAM 3.0/X4 for the Carrera) but I am not familar with MTB parts so don't want to make the wrong decision.

I have heard that hydraulic discs are a little more fiddly than mechanical ones (although apparently higher performance). I am no expert mechanic so simplicity is welcome.

Any advice?

p.s. I would also like to fit a child seat to the bike. Does anyone know if either of these WON'T accommodate a disc brake spec rear child seat?

Thanks in advance.
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