New chain for Trek 1.2 (2008)

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Good Morning,

I am new here, been reading for a while but only just got around to signing up. I have a 2008 Trek 1.2, having been riding for about a year, mainly commuting but a few leisure rides here and there.

Anyway... I have been bad and let my bike get filthy, to the point where things are not working as they should anymore. Cue a bike cleaning blitz!

I would like to get a SRAM Powerlink chain to make it easier to clean, I believe I have an 8spd cassette and really just want to confirm that a SRAM PC850 chain would be sufficient?




  • topdude
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    Hi, if you are sure you have 8 rear cogs then that chain will be fine.
    Also these KMC chains have a quick link and are always recommended.
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    You don't have to buy a whole SRAM chain to get the Powerlink. My LBS sells the Powerlinks for a quid each. An 8 speed Powerlink will fit any 8 speed chain.
  • Spenge
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    Cheers for the replies.

    I have found out I have KMC Z51 chain so would it be better to use a KMC powerlink or is SRAM compatible with KMC chains?