Swapping my groupsets over

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I don't know what is possessing me but I have almost decided that I am going to swap my groupsets over. Its not the decision to swap over that is worrying me as that is an easy decision as my dura-ace is on my bike that I use during the winter (use all times of the year too) and my 105 is the carbon bike which I only really use during the better days.

My Ti bike has a dura-ace 7800 throughout (except chainset which a compact FSA Mega Exo Gossamer) and

My Carbon bike has 105 throughout.

Not having done much technical before this may be somewhat foolish but I'll give it a go, I think, and use the LBS as a backup plan.

I've bought a smaller torque wrench in preparation (2-24nm) however I know that will not cover everything so will this be an issue?

Can I get away without having to remove the bottom bracket as both the FSA and 105 use external BB and look similiar to my eye. That would worry me.

Any special tools I will need other than normal allen keys and sockets, phillips screw driver, bike stand. I have finish line teflon grease, carbon grease & GT85, degreaser & lube also. Any other things along that line that I need?


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    you'll need a kettle.
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    I think you need to stop fretting about it and go for it 8)
    The BB cups do not need to be removed as they will be compatible with both chainsets.
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