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rear mech no workin right

jimmyp1873jimmyp1873 Posts: 120
edited February 2010 in MTB workshop & tech
washed the bikes after being at glentress last weekend and noticed the mech hanger was loose on the lads bike, so i tightened it up then noticed when you went onto the smallest sprocket the the cable was quite slack so i sorted that, messed about with the adjusting screws so it gets the biggest and smallest sprockets ok, but going through the gears it plays up sometimes to change down 1 gear you need to change down 2 then go back up 1 and vise versa.
anyone any ideas
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  • supersonicsupersonic Posts: 82,708 Lives Here
    Messing around with screws and tension doesn't seem a precise way of adjusting things lol.

    But it does sound like the gear cables need lubing (also check the mech hanger is straight).

    Park tools has a good guide on gear adjustment.
  • seems straight enough, to be more precise,on the biggest sprocket it sometimes takes 2 clicks on the shifter to move into the 2nd biggest. then 1 click takes you upa gear a time but it will miss the 2nd smallest and jump into the smallest sprocket.
    if your on the smallest, it usually changes ok till you want the 2nd biggest, it takes 2 clicks but will jump it onto the biggest sprocket, this is with the bike upside down with no load as such on it,
    its a bit different when your riding, you sometimes need to go down 2 then go back up 1 to get the gear you want
    think the mech might have took a bit of a ding, could it just need replaced.
    only when you stare death in the face do you feel most alive
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