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Hey sexy!

slimboyjimslimboyjim Posts: 367
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Here are the pictures of me following my recent crash on the Cannock DH tracks...

Somehow managed to get my front wheel to escape the fork (!?!) upon landing a 2ft drop, fork dug into ground and catapulted me into the floor...

Only wearing normal helmet so nothing to stop a rock punching straight through my upper lip and chipping my tooth. Also chomped the inside of my lower lip and got cuts to my nose and forehead. Rest of me escaped relatively unscathed (thank you POC armour) with only a couple of bruises/scratches.

Anyway, with the help of some locals (thanks guys!) my bike was put back together, I rode back to the carpark (thanks to some equestrian types who helped me get everything back on/in the car) and drove to the forestry centre. From here I was taken to hospital by ambulance (thanks to the foresty guys for looking after my car and bike).

Following day I had my wounds scrubbed clean under general anaesthetic and I was sewn up. Lips swelled to a comical size and I could not drink without a straw for a week, plus kept dribbling which was minging... In hospital for 2/3 days with nowt but an internet connection (hence my ridiculously long forum entries for those who recognise me :roll: ).

Anyway, I'm out now and had my stitches removed yesterday (bar one which they missed due to my new ridiculous beard hiding one from the nurse). I took that one out myself... Picked up my bike today off the inlaws (they'd picked it up for me) to find the drivechain is shagged - I think they left it out in the rain or something :shock: - gonna clean and sort it tomorrow...

Anyway - here's me straight after the accident with a nice bit of dribble:


And here's me cleaned up a bit where you can see my lip...


If you're a glutton for punishment you can click them to make them bigger or look through the full album (you've gotta have pics!)...

Sent some pics to MBUK so hopefully I'll get something out of it. Or not... :wink:

On a serious note it is nice to know that everyone up at Cannock was more than happy to help out someone who needed it so thanks again! 8)



  • AnonymousAnonymous Posts: 79,667
  • CraigXXLCraigXXL Posts: 1,852
    You handsome sod! I bet that stung :(
  • clarksonclarkson Posts: 1,641
    nice!! someone needs to check their wheel nuts/qr/axle once in a while!! :D:D
    I said hit the brakes not the tree!!

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  • AnonymousAnonymous Posts: 79,667
    i wish i hadnt clicked on the album, and really wish i hadnt enlarged the dribble one, i very nearly snipped a hole in my sofa when i saw it!!
  • bregantebregante Posts: 271
    gizza kiss :D
  • Clarkson - I learned this the hard way! I let someone else mess with my bike recently and this *may* have something to do with it! They will remain nameless! My fault really as I should have checked... :roll:

    CraigXXL - Didn't sting too bad. I think the adrenaline kicked in and when my lips swelled up they just went numb. Everyone was staring at the hospital, even the nurses! I was a bit of a mess. It was kind of funny to see the face of my wife and mother-in-law when the doctor ran her finger inside my upper lip (to assess the damage) and popped the cut back open by accident. They did the worst bits under general anaesthetic so they could have done anything and I wouldn't have had a clue - I was pleased at this though as I don't particularly like the idea of someone scrubbing straight through the lip to clean it (apparantly if you don't get all the dirt out it can discolour the skin and leave scarring).

    I came out of it much better than the pictures would suggest...
  • Could you stick to a window with those lips? ???
    Ohh ya poor sod, thats one of my nightmares is a major faceplant.
    Caz xx
  • Aldo001Aldo001 Posts: 251
    Ouch, glad your ok. Full face helmet the next bike related purchase then? :D
    Good to hear people out on the trail helped you. Much better than the censored that cycled on when I was lying on the ground with a feked knee alongside my mate. He said "Awright lads" and kept going :lol:
  • Aldo - Yeah, I've just ordered a full face. Saying that, I've ordered it from Winstanleys which, going by the regular slating they get on here, may have been as dangerous as the accident itself...! :lol: If only CRC hadn't run out of stock! Saying that, I've not used them before so I'll give them a chance...
  • ceecee Posts: 4,553
    oof sir....lookin purdy :wink:
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  • mkfmkf Posts: 242
    been sitting on the fence with full face now i'm really thinking about it. glad you feeling better.↲now lets run a comp for the longest dribble :P
  • Ouch, thats angry.
    Think ill check my front axle next time i go out.

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  • BriggoBriggo Posts: 3,537
    You did DH without a full face?

    Epic fail! :lol:
  • JamesBrckmnJamesBrckmn Posts: 1,360
    nice dribble :lol:
  • xtreemxtreem Posts: 2,965
    Unlucky. :shock:

    What helmet did you ordered?
  • Briggo - wasn't doing the full course! Just the top section of the red since we'd used it on a skills course about a week previously. There's 3 smallish drops and a 2m long table top that I was playing around on. Some of the stuff there is CRAZY and I wouldn't do any of that!

    XTreem - Ordered a 661 Evo carbon, reduced from £200 to £100. Hoping that, as it's a half decent one, it'll be well vented and not too hot - we'll have to see... I've promised the missus that I'll use it whenever I'm out on my own again (or trying more risky stuff), and that I'll get a standard helmet for when I'm just out and about with others...

    MKF - No point in a longest dribble contest as you'll never beat me! That one in the picture goes all the way back to the trails (maybe 15-20 miles) :lol:
  • Hard-freakin-core!
  • Boooya!

    One of those moments when you fall and just roll over and think "am I dead"!

    You were a lucky fella - superfical stuff that I'm sure damn well hurt, but you live to fight another day!

    Made me laugh when you said you were doing the bit you did on your skills course a few weeks earlier! :lol:
  • wish you good luck man!
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  • Flipping heck, rather you than me.
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  • lm_treklm_trek Posts: 1,470
    I had a very similar accident at cannock, i faceplanted onto concrete over the other side of the chase! all healed nicely and only the one scar where i had to have my lip stitched back together!! oh and my tooth is fecked too, need to get round to fixing that!

    Cannock it may be flat but its bloody dangerous! keep an eye out on the concussion mine took 4 weeks to sort, wasn't well for ages, but im guessing the DH is softer than my concrete fun!!
  • defflerdeffler Posts: 829

    One of those moments when you fall and just roll over and HOPE "am I dead

    Fixed that for yer :wink:
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