Carbon Fibre frame --- oops

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Hi, 1st post in need of help!. :D I purchases a Trek 2009 top fuel 9.9 full sus 5 weeks ago and riding my road route just a moment ago, and just about to change gear to go a bit faster and what sounded and felt like my gear cable snapping.. first i thought damm, halfway round in a tough gear, so i struggled the last 2 miles home, legs killing me, Get in the garage with the light on and found out what had happened. The cable gland has torn away from the top tube on the frame, but the gear cable still in one piece. Am i right in thinking that this has writen off the frame (carbon). As you can see bits of fibre frayed from where the rivits are supposed to be?

Really gutted, i love this bike!! :(

any help would be great, I am very new to carbon, been an old school rider for years, and owning my sworks ally hardtaiil for 6 years.. never ever gone wrong!



  • Andy B
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    If you bought it brand new then it should be covered under warranty

    Back to the shop with it if so.
  • saprkzz
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    Hi Andy,

    Yes, sorry forgot to mention it was brand new from dealer, end of year stock

  • The warranty should take care of it. Back to the shop with it.

    Shame, but things like this do happen.