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How to placate an irate cyclist?

BobbinogsBobbinogs Posts: 4,841
edited February 2010 in Road beginners
Well, my list of bike things to do is going well:

Upgrade from hybrid to decent road bike...check
Clipless moment...check
Sore knee from overtraining/bike fit...check
Professional bike fit...check
Road accident...check

Yepp, went flying today when a car went straight through a mini roundabout whilst overlooking the fact I was going around it at the time. Unfortunately, I didn't get to put my C+ crash training into practice :wink: but whilst lying on the floor in a crumpled heap with my pride and joy some metres away, the lady (who was very apologetic) looked over me and said "I am so sorry, normally I am careful about cyclists".

The good news is that both the bike and I (blimey, we sound like a married couple) are fine (a hole or two in my attire but that's it). Made me think though, if I ever knock a cyclist off (I do drive so there is always a statistical risk), I would be really gutted (obviously) but what would be a reasonable thing to say that might placate someone?

If I had got the SMIDSY, I would have been irate. As it was, the lady was so apologetic it made me think "Sh*t happens, could have been worse". I even nearly thanked her as she left :shock:


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