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HikerBikerHikerBiker Posts: 8
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Hi there, I'm a new member & just wondered if anyone could recommend any good clubs.

I am based in the East Midlands but don't mind travelling to the Peaks, Lakes or Wales for the weekends.

I was also hoping to get abroad for some biking over Easter, does anyone know any good companies abroad.

HikerBiker :D


  • HadaganHadagan Posts: 72
    These have a very good rep
  • Yep - Skedaddle indeed a good outfit - did their White Peak weekend in Derbyshire, so not far from the East Midlands

    They've a weekend in the Lakes over Easter in Ambleside that i looked at, but in the end i couldn't make it and also loads of European stuff. Usually in places like Spain and Sardinia if early season...cos its sunny.

  • What kind of riding do you do. As I do Downhill specific riding, as I have just recently started up a club but in the West Midlands. Not many members yet but if your interested in DH let me know.
  • Can't help you out with clubs i am afraid, i tend just to ride with a group of mates. I have been on a couple of Saddle Skedaddle trips though and had a great time.

    I have done one of their spring Sardinia trips and a trip near Lake garda during the summer. The Sardinia trip had some great riding and certainly beat getting soaked and frozen which tends to be my weekend experience at the minute!
  • alisdairhalisdairh Posts: 44
    Join DVATC

    Rding on a Tuesday night and most Sundays in the Derbyshire / Peak District area and weekends away too
  • Thanks for all the info guys, I have had a quick look at DVATC & think I will join one of the weekend rides for a taster if that is ok, bit cheaper than Skeedaddle!!

    I love off roading & have done quite a bit in the Peaks & a killer Nan Bield Pass in the Lakes, did manage to keep up with 6 guys tho, well on & off!!

    Have been on a Beginners Mountain bike skills last September & was pleased to beat some of the boys, including my brother, on the drop steps & downhills!! Had a great day in the Yorkshire Dales, so going for the Intermediate course in March.

    Looking forward to the longer evenings & brighter weekends, so hope to get out riding soon.

  • belugabobbelugabob Posts: 158
    HikerBiker wrote:
    Looking forward to the longer evenings & brighter weekends, so hope to get out riding soon.

    Err - go and buy some lights, then you can ride all year round. Also, you'll find that it's light for most of the weekend. :wink:

    If you didn't learn anything today, you weren't paying attention!
  • sassysarahsassysarah Posts: 421
    Have a looked on the Wrye Forest thead as well!
    Biking censored of Wyre....rides with anyone!
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