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Rebuilding Deore Front Hub

llamafarmerllamafarmer Posts: 1,893
edited February 2010 in MTB workshop & tech
I've had my Deore (M525 I think) front hub apart today because it felt dog rough. The cone on one side was pretty badly pitted and the bearings looked a little rough, so I gave it a good clean out and replaced the bearings. I was able to put the damaged cone in the lathe at work and remove the pitting with a bit of emery paper.

Now I've rebuilt it all I can't work out how to the tighten the cones back against the lock nuts. The seals have to be assembled onto the axle before the lock nut goes on, so I can't get hold of the cone in order to hold them still and do up the lock nuts. At the moment either I have the axle way too tight or I can't lock the cones :cry:

Any ideas please guys?


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