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Hi all,

I've just uploaded a new video to Pinkbike which was shot using a ContourHD1080. It was filmed in 720p 60fps rather than 1080p because Pinkbike only supports upto 720p but still allows 60fps.

The camera however is being swapped out for another one as there is a slight defect in the lens which affected a batch of cameras. I also got condensation in there after about 2 hours which is why the video is a bit foggy at the end.

The reason the video is called "Forecast: No Snow" is because there was supposed to be no snow, however, we had 5 inches over night which as you can see from the vid, made some great riding! Still got to fettle with the compression settings from Sony Vegas Pro to make the upload quality a bit better, but I am impressed with the little chap!

Front mounted camera is on the headtube and the rear mount is under the seat.

Craig Rogers


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