Hi, I have a front mech problem (27 gear)

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Hi, as you can tell this is my first post (probably won't be the last, I'm a worrier). I have just bought a Specialized FSR XC Comp 2010 as my first full susser, I'm used to riding a non sus Orange 21 gear and never really had a problem with the chain rubbing on the front mech, but with this new one it seems to rub on the outside of the mech on the top ring and the bottom of the mech on the smallest ring, I've been online and got the troubleshoot for these problems but it remains the same, in fact I can only make it worse. Some friends of mine who are more experienced in biking than myself say it is just a symptom of having more gears and that the chain has a lot more movement in it and that I shouldn't really ever be in the smallest ring on the front and the back at the same time but to me i'm sure they must be able to sort that problem out. Thanks in advance.


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  • Thanks for your superfast response, that has set my mind at rest.
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    I have similar problems with the front mech on my 2007 Stumpjumper FSR (after I upgraded the mech from an LX to XT). Can't quite find the sweet spot where no rubbing occurs at all. The suspension compressing can affect things to, especially if you try to set the mech up (like me) with the bike unweighted as soon as you get on the chain mech interface can change. It's a bit difficult to set up whilst sitting on the bike though.
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