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Expanding my Rivington Horizons

Dave GtiDave Gti Posts: 33
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I’m keen to explore a bit more of Rivington/winter hill. I head up there quite often but tend to do a very basic loop mainly because I can’t convince myself to explore the rest of the area as the ice cream/rocky road/river bed descent is truly awesome and never fails to put a massive grin on my face. :D

Had a scan round the net and seen some vids of another descent from the transmitter station on winter hill down to Belmont.

I’m after some recommendations on links in the ride:

What’s the best route from the top of Rivington pike to the top of winter hill and the aforementioned descent????

When at the top of Rivington pike there’s an obvious route to winter hill but it doesn’t look very bike friendly.

Also when at the bottem of the Winter hill descent is the only way back to the Rivington road track via the A675 (Belmont road)

On last one what the best route to Healey Nab trails from the barn carparks??? been a few times with friends but every time there seems to be a lot of road involved!! :x



  • delcoldelcol Posts: 2,848
    first of healey nab.. will involve some road. the way i go to minimise road is.

    from the barn lower barn that is you can take the bridle way or the road road is quicker to rivington village go round the tight bend past the school and church just before the res turn right and follow this up the hill to a gate turn left on the bridle way and head to yarrow res, half way down the bridleway you will see another bridleway to your left take this down to anglezarke fun little decent. then it's road for a few miles. go between the 2 resavoirs(sp) anglezark and rivington till you see the pub turn right at the pub and follow the road till you reach the turn off for the bridalway that takes you toward the nab...

    there are loads of good areas around rivi go exploring thats all we did.. greathill over the moor is fun first time,, not a ride for winter but a good summer ride...

    winterhill decent fast and fun.. i tend to ride it as a there back route ie decend then climb back up.. it's a tough climb and when you do eventually clear dab free you will be happppppppy. you can go down to the sanmarino and into belmont and back up the road if you like...
    the 2 ways i go to get to winterhill decent are.
    from the barn i go up round the back of the upperbarn and follow the briadleway through the gate then turn left at the top this brings you to the bottom of the icecreame run rocky road then i tend to ride and walk up the rocky road as it's about the shortest quickest route i found.. then from the pigeon tower if time is against me i go left down the unpaved road towards belmont for a few miles then i walk up the side of winterhill past that gully and the side of the mobile phone masts this bring you out at the top near the transmiter. for the decent.
    or if i have time and want a good ride i go from the pigeon tower straight down towards the pike up round the pike then down towards the dog kennels take a left at the dog kennels, through the gate and over the moor, this will hook you up with the road that services the transmitter station go left up the road and past the transmitter you will see the metal gate infront of you this is the strat of the decent..
    i have 2 vids of this decnt riders view and various angles i will link trhem here for you

    hope this helps,, if you need any more help just ask.
  • Dave GtiDave Gti Posts: 33
    Cheers Delcol

    did some exploring last friday morning.

    Man alive that was cold almost experiencing a white out at the top.



    Took the route you suggested turning at the kennels upt o winter hill.... bit of a drag and the snow/ice made it a bit tough. The descent down to belmont was much better than expected and the videos dont do it justice. Not sure what it it is but when ever i see vids online always think that looks pretty tame but then the when on the trails for real seems completey different, bigger drops huge ruts etc....
    Plenty of ice and snow on the top part of the descent meant all my jedi reflexes were needed but the rush outwayed the onset of hyperthermia

    Because of the condidtions didn't fancy riding back up to the mast from there so heading onto the road, through belmont, up rivington road, then turned up belmont road, back to the dove tower before heading back up to the top of rivington pike and down the ice cream run. I dont think it would be possible for me to go to rivington without coming down the ice cream run even the fact that icicles were forming on my visor and could feel my fingers to unclip my helmet.

    Anyhow thanks for the info, the local trail just got even better :D
  • delcoldelcol Posts: 2,848
    no worries dave,,,, there are so many good rides around there all we did was just explore some trails ar good and some censored ,, just see were they go and how they ride thats all we did...
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