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Good hub / rim comb for hand built commuter rear wheel?

dazzawazzadazzawazza Posts: 462
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I think the freehub's gone on my rear wheel and it's not worth fixing.
Looking at what's on offer at Parkers International I was thinking to get a rear wheel built with a 105 hub and 36 hole Open Pro rim.
Is this a good value for money option for an Allez commuter?
Are the seals good in a 105 hub for winter commuting and will the Open Pros survive on a commuter with a rack that occasionally has shopping attached (I weigh 70KG)?
Also, is Parker's a good wheel builder?



  • That's an okay combo, tbh i really don't think you need to go to 36 spoke. A good 32 spoke build will be more than strong enough. You might want to look at dtc or ambrosio rims though, as the new mavics don't seem to be as good as the older ones.
  • I'm now thinking DT Swiss 1.2 rims 32hole on Ultegra 6700 hubs.
    Are the Ultegra hubs 9spd compatible?
  • StelliteStellite Posts: 544
    Whats your price range?

    There are some great deals on hubs if you look around, you may find some older dura ace hubs for the price of the ultegra.

    Ive just built a set of wheels with Ambrosio Excellence rims and dura ace hubs, 32 spoke. The Rims seem very good quality and should handle the state of the roads at the moment.

    Ive also just built up a set of CXP33 rims with 105 hubs, and the 105 hubs seem good enough quality for winter and bad weather use.

    Spoke quality can also affect the final price.

    People are moving away from Mavic rims, but not sure if this is due to forum rumour or a definate reduction in quality / performance
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