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Flying with Monarch Airlines. Bikes?

martinwillymartinwilly Posts: 63

Has anybody got any recent experience of flying with Monarch Airlines with a bike?

I'm off to the Costa Blanca for a week's training. There are 14 of us on one flight.

Monarch will not let you pay for your bike in advance, so I'm feeling a bit edgy about the flight.

I'd love to hear fro anybody who's got any experience of taking bikes on Monarch flights.

Many thanks

Would you promote cycling on your shorts as you commute?


  • mrushtonmrushton Posts: 5,182
    I've two flights with Monarch and they do let you pay (well I have). You may struggle with 14 bikes but it's down to the amount of hold luggage. If it's a quiet flight then there might not be a problem but a full flight and all the passengers having big cases will make a difference. Remember that the airline are subject to hold space, weight restrictions etc and it may be nothing personal.
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