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Singlespeeders in Sussex or Hampshire?

Big Southern JesseBig Southern Jesse Posts: 729
edited February 2010 in MTB rides
I've been riding SS for a month or two now, and I've found there is a problem. It's a bit unsociable when riding with geared buddies. I'm on my own on the hills, and out of breathe spinning on the flats.

Just wondered if there wee any other singlespeeders around the area who would like to try a few rides with a similarly geared buddy. I'm based in Emsworth, on the coast on the county border, but looking to find new places to ride, so happy to travel a little.

Anyone interested?
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  • m_cozzym_cozzy Posts: 132
    Emsworth, my birth town!
    No replies I see so I suggest you do the sensible thing & fit gears & go and have fun with your buddies again :)
    Banned from singletrack forum again :-)
  • gregsdgregsd Posts: 328
    Or get your buddies to ditch their geared bikes and switch to singlespeeds :wink:

    I'm up in Surrey near Haslemere and ride SS, so if you fancy a trip up the A3 then you let me know.
  • Or if you can travel a bit further north there is a growing farmers co-operative within the to the extent we sometimes recently have outnumbered the townies :D

    If I tot up the numbers there are around 15 of us who ride singlespeed regularly.

    That said - tomorows ride with Greg & co I'll be riding Britneys as I have a rear wheel prob on the Gods Given :roll:

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